[Worth buying!!] Cycle computer, Impressions of using Brighton Rider 750 for 3 months [Review]



Hello,I’m Pierre from Japan.

This time, it is said to be the strongest cost performance

Introducing the Rider 750 cycle computer from Brighton ! !

reader’s problem

・Garmin and Wahoo are aexpensive.
・What about the Brighton 750?
・What kind of functions does it have?
・I want to know the impressions of actual use.


Contents of this article

・What is Brighton?
・About Rider 750
・Functions that the author was interested in
・Impressions after actually using it
I would like to introduce it with such content.
At the time of writing this article, I was also using the rider 320 in Brighton, which I used to love.

I would like to honestly tell you my impressions after actually using the Brighton rider 750 series .

What is Brighton

Bryton is a Taiwanese company that develops and produces general electronic products with GPS.

We are developing various GPS products other than cycle computer such as GPS watches.
As a cycle computer manufacturer, we provide cyclists with a wealth of functions at a high cost performance.

Company concept

Ready to attach and use

It can be used immediately just by turning on the power to prove it.
I will introduce

the REC mount that I purchased together with the Brighton Rider series 750 introduced this time to clean up the handle area in another article, so please click here.



Raider 750


The color LCD touch panel on the large screen is an impressive design.



Accessories other than the main body are like this.



A Garmin or Wahoo cyclone with the same functions would cost well over 50,000yen,whereas the
Brighton comes with a mount and costs less than 30,000 yen.

Product details and purchases are available here.



There are really a lot of features, but the features that I was interested in and the features that I would like to use were here.

・Voice search 
・Function to create a return route
・Route explorer
・Live Track


It’s literally a navigation feature.
Decide the starting point and the goal point, and import the created route to Saikon and use it.

Voice search

It feature like Siri on the iPhone.
You can search for addresses without using the on-screen keyboard.

Ability to create a return route

As long as you create a route to go, it will automatically create a return route that follows the same route.

Route explorer

It’s a feature that creates up to three routes when you enter the desired mileage, although the name alone doesn’t give you a pin.
The created route will return to the starting point.

Live Trac

It is a feature that allows you to share real-time location information with friends and family.


In addition to location information, you can check the current speed, running time, travel time, mileage, etc.

Impressions of actually using it

I have used this for 3 months. I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages.


・Easy to see
・Intuitive operation possible
・Excellent route feature

Easy to see


Since the LCD color panel is used, the graphics are beautiful and very easy to see .
Also, it was one of the reasons that it automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen .

Intuitive operation possible


Since the screen is large and the touch panel is adopted, it is possible to operate not only by button operation but also by swiping, so it was possible to operate intuitively.

Excellent route feature


As introduced in the feature introduction above, the outbound route creation function was actually very helpful.


I almost didn’t feel any disadvantages, but if I gave one point, it was the size .

When I first picked it up, I felt that it was very large compared to the cyclone I had been using so far, so if you don’t need root functions or graphical LCDs, a different series might be better.

It is like this when actually installed in the cockpit of the bicycle.


I was able to understand the merits of the rider 750 more by comparing the differences and operability because the cycle computer I was using before was also a Brighton.

I would be happy if it would be helpful for those who feel that Garmin and Wahoo are a little expensive! !









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