[Sleek around the handle] REC mount that is popular now! ! Appearance and actual usability [Rec Mount]



Hello,I’m Pierre from Japan.

This time, we will introduce how the cycle computer and light can be stored using the REC mount.


reader’s problem

・I want to clean up the area around the steering wheel
・I’m worried about the rec mount
・I want to know your impressions


Contents of this article

・About the rec mount
・Products purchased
・Impressions after using Advantages and disadvantages


Lights, cycle computer , bells, etc. are attached around the handle, so

actually bought a rec mount to clean up the handle , so I will tell you my real impressions!


What is rec mount?



Recoad Enjoy Comvenient record (shoot) [R]
enjoy (enjoy) [E]
convenience (convenience) [C]

It is a name made by combining 3 letters and MOUNTS (mount).

・Cycle computer


It was developed with the aim of ensuring that these devices can be used safely, conveniently, and neatly.

Items purchased this time

There are various types and parts for the REC mount, and the one I purchased this time is here.

・REC-MOUNTS “Third Generation” Type 19 Mount for Garmin/Brighton Rider [N19]

・REC-MOUNTS Bell Kit (Bell) for Cycle Computer Mount (Bicycle Bell) (Cycle)

I bought everything on Amazon! !

Mount for “3rd Gen” Type 19 Garmin/Brighton Rider

First, let’s start with the mount.。

Product content

・Base mount (for Garmin)
・Spacer kit for wide stem
・Base plate for Brighton
・Lower adapter with GoPro interface
・Light adapter (for Cateye)

Bell Kit (Bell) Rec Mount for Cycle Computer Mount

Next is Bell!.
The product content is only the bell body.

Impressions after using



The handle area is really clean! !
Looking from the top, it looks like this.



A light can be attached directly below the cycle computer using the included cateye light mount .



And I think that the bell is attached in front of the cycle computer and you don’t know where it is at a glance.

The sound of the bell was also quite loud and nice ♬

Looking from a distance, it looks like this.


By the way, my favorite cycle computer is the Brighton Rider 750.
Click here for an article about my favorite cycle computer.




It’s heavy…

Weight is heavy .
It may not be recommended for those who are focusing on weight reduction.

However, if there is a disadvantage of the rec mount that I purchased this time, it is really about weight . I think it’s a good product.

Things to watch out for

There is one thing I would like you to check! !

Please make sure that it is compatible with your bicycle before purchasing .

Also, as I mentioned above, it is quite heavy. . .
It may be a little unsuitable for those who are focusing on weight reduction, so please be careful only there! !



the REC mount was a very, very good product for me!!

Lights and cycle computer can be cleaned with other common mounts, but bells are quite difficult. . .
Such a problem was solved at once! !

I would be happy if it could be a reference for those who are worried about the steering wheel and those who are thinking about purchasing from now on! !










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