[Gourmet x Bicycle] A must-see for Arakawa cycling road users! ! Cycling to Soma Suisan for delicious seafood gourmet. [Soma Fisheries]



Hello, I’m Pierre from Japan.
This time, we will introduce a restaurant near the Arakawa Cycling Road where you can eat delicious seafood.

Introducing Souma Suisan.

reader’s problem

・I want to eat delicious seafood gourmet while cycling.
・It’s embarrassing to wear a cycling jersey or racer pants.
・Seafood seems to be expensive.
・I’m having trouble finding a place to park my bicycle.


We will introduce shops that solve these problems and questions.


Contents of this article

・What is Soma Suisan?
・The reason why cycling jerseys and racer pants are fine
・Seafood products are reasonably priced! !
・There is a place to put a bicycle.
・ Cyclists are rather profitable


As I write this article, I have been riding a road bike for only 5 months.
Cycling beginners actually went and ate.


What is Soma Suisan?


A restaurant where you can eat delicious seafood rice bowl recommended for cyclists,

This is Soma Suisan, a seafood restaurant in Saitama.

There are 4 stores in Saitama, and in addition to the main store in Kawashima, there are Ageo, Higashimatsuyama, and Sakado.

It is said that the fish served here are procured from the Numazu fishing port.

And the volume is not enough.


Soma Suisan Ageo

そうま水産 上尾店

Devil’s fisherman bowl (the saikyou mori) and normal seafood bowl


Look at this amount.

The normal serving on the right side is not small.

For the seafood bowl on the left, I ordered the devil’s fisherman’s bowl with the Saikyou Mori.
※The Saikyou Mori is Super-size at Soma Suisan.

The Saikyou Mori is the amount that makes you worry that it is in the red.

In addition, if you have a set meal, you can have free rice refills,

And Unlimited refills of miso soup for rice bowls and set meals in self service.

There is such a luxury! ?

Are cycling jerseys and racer pants OK? ?


Yes, there is no problem at you come to the store wearing a cycling jersey and racer pants.

Well, I don’t think it’s good to be dripping with sweat as expected.

When I actually went, there were several other cyclists visiting the store,

He was wearing a cycling jersey and was enjoying the delicious seafood bowl.

affordable seafood


Seafood gourmet is expensive.

No, you can eat it at a reasonable price at Soma Suisan.

Some of them are expensive, but the Saikyo-mori I mentioned earlier is 1680 yen! !

You can have a regular serving for 1,190 yen.

If you eat it at a normal Japanese sushi restaurant, it will probably cost at least 3000 yen.

You don’t have to worry about where to put your bicycle


The restaurant has a cycle rack

In the case of sports bikes such as road bikes and cross bikes, it is often difficult to find a place to put the bike because it does not have a stand.

But no problem.

I have a cycle rack.

However, be sure to lock your precious bicycle securely so that it is not stolen.

Even if it is stolen, it is your responsibility.

Cyclists rather benefit


Cyclists rather get! !

The reason is that they offer one free soft drink for those who come by bicycle.

I didn’t even know until I actually went.

When I ordered it in the form of a cycling jersey and racer pants,

the restaurant clerk said

「Did you come to the restaurant by bicycle?」

I said


Then I got a free soft drink.

I ordered a coke without hesitation.

*This service is only available at the Kawajimamachi.



How was that.

Don’t you want to cycle to eat delicious seafood gourmet?

To Suisan, a seafood restaurant in Saitama.

Please come and visit us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! !

see you.










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